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Vehicle Safety

Clenched teeth, white knuckles and locked legs – it's not the newest theme park ride – it's driving with your teen. The good news is your teen will be able to drive herself around, reducing the errands you normally have to do. The bad news is your teen will be able to drive herself around, increasing the worrying you normally have to do.

Take a deep breath! Try to remain calm when in the car with your teen. No one likes a backseat driver – especially when the backseat driver is your parent. Before you and your teen go driving together, let him know that you will be giving him advice and telling him how to drive. Tell him this so he understands that you are not criticizing his driving, but are just trying to help.

To help your teen learn how to drive safely, you may want to look into the Manitoba High School Driver Education Program. There are also professional driver training schools and instructors available as well.

Make sure your teen understands the importance of wearing a seatbelt and following traffic rules. Vehicles are a source of freedom but they can also be very dangerous. Set rules regarding driving and use of a vehicle and if she can't follow the rules, then set some consequences for these actions. Driving is not a right it is a privilege.

Try your best to remain calm and not raise your voice. Learning to drive can be very stressful, so your teen might already be anxious – breathe, relax and stay calm. Try to enjoy the ride and the time spent together. Remember, you too had to learn to drive once upon a time.

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