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It is helpful for toddlers to have routines throughout the day so they know what will happen next. Regular bedtimes and naptimes will allow your toddler to feel some control over his day, which is very important as his desire for independence increases. Toddlers usually sleep between 10 to 13 hours each day with one daytime nap.

If your toddler has a favourite blanket or stuffed animal, it's a good idea to allow him to continue to sleep with the item. This item helps make him feel safe and comfortable and encourages him to fall and stay asleep on his own.

If your toddler uses a pacifier while sleeping, ensure the pacifier is clean and without tears or rips. It is good practice to allow your child her pacifier only when sleeping. For more information on pacifiers, speak to your health care provider.

Preschoolers will sleep between 10 to 12 hours per day. By age five, most preschoolers no longer have a nap during the day. This transition usually happens slowly where toddlers and young preschoolers might nap on some days and not on other days.

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