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Toddlers and Preschoolers

About Your Toddlers and Preschoolers

preschool boy with mom and dad

As your child moves from a baby to a preschooler, they will grow and change so rapidly it might be hard to keep up! You may have a routine that works well one week only to find your child very unhappy with the same routine the next week. Welcome to the beginning of your child's independence! During their toddler years – from 13 months to about two years – your child will understand that they are separate from you and can do things their own way!

Toddlers and preschoolers are always on the go. They love to learn, explore and test out their growing independence which can sometimes be challenging for parents – especially if your toddler refuses to eat lumpy foods (but loves to wear it on their head) or your preschooler insists on telling everyone they are half dog (and occasionally barks instead of talks) or any number of odd things children between the ages of 13 months and five years come up with!

As a preschooler – from about three to five years of age – your child will be very comfortable expressing their desires and curiosity. They will also experience new emotions, increased physical abilities and the value of language. Preschoolers will also begin to manage their behaviours and emotions using words. This can be particularly challenging for preschoolers and their parents.

Your child will grow and change so quickly it might be hard to anticipate all of the changes or even keep up with their varying needs. The online information and links to community resources will give you the supports you need to make the best parenting decisions for your family.