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About Your Toddler & Preschooler

Parenting toddlers (aged 13 months to two years) and pre-schoolers (aged three to five years) can be fun and exciting because they go through so many physical, emotional and social changes.
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You will see them develop the ability to understand the world around them and to communicate and play with others. You can help them learn important language skills and deal with common feelings like fear and jealousy. You can also help them learn how to move and use their growing bodies by playing with them throughout these years.

Children's sleep patterns change during the toddler and pre-school years. They still need regular sleep habits and more sleep than adults, but they will gradually need less sleep and in time they will not need a nap during the day. They also need to learn healthy eating habits during these years, starting with the ability to feed themselves and the willingness to try new foods. Learn how to make meal-time fun and less stressful for you and your child.

The toddler and pre-school years present their own challenges for parents and caregivers. Learn how to help your child with toilet training and how to prevent, and respond successfully, to temper tantrums. Healthy discipline is an important parenting task in the toddler and pre-school years. Learn how to use positive encouragement and clear rules to discourage harmful or dangerous behaviour. The goal of parenting during these years is to provide your child with the opportunity to grow in a happy and healthy environment and develop physical, emotional and social abilities that he or she will need throughout life.

  • Developmental Milestones
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  • A Young Child's Assessment & Diagnosis
    As a parent watching your child grow, questions may come up about whether your child's development is typical of children the same age. You may wonder about signs that indicate a developmental delay or disability