The Manitoba government is committed to advancing open government principles to share our information, data and knowledge with the public. We are also committed to leveraging the innovation, ingenuity and experience of the public to make better and broader use of government information and data.

The OpenMB Information and Data Use Licences allows the use of most government information for most purposes. Although unique, it is very similar in other jurisdictions open government licences and to the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

Artists, businesses, innovators and other members of the public should familiarize themselves with the licence to understand its terms before using information or data provided by the government.

What is the OpenMB Information and Data Use Licence?

The OpenMB Information and Data Use License is a legal framework that facilitates the re-use of a wide range of Manitoba government information and data, free of charge. The OpenMB License is available here.

The Manitoba government adopted this licence to enable individuals an organizations to re-use publicly available information and data under a common open licence. The OpenMB License makes clear that most material covered by Crown copyright can be copied, modified, published, translated, adapted, distributed or otherwise used, without seeking additional permissions from the government.

What is not covered under the OpenMB Licence?

Most government information and data that is available publicly is covered under the licence, with a few important exceptions:


  • The use of official government symbols is not permitted under this licence. For example, the Manitoba logo, other logos and visual identities created by government, the coat of arms and the augmented coat of arms, the Manitoba Tartan and the Golden Boy are all symbols that require the express permission of the government before they can be used by anyone. Permission can be sought by contacting the King's Printer for Manitoba
  • Information that belongs to a third-party is governed by that third-party and can't be licensed by the government. You would need to seek the permission of the third-party originator of that material.
  • Any information that includes personal information cannot be used without proper permission.


Why did Manitoba adopt the OpenMB Information and Data Use Licence?

By adopting this licence, and removing restrictions on the reuse of published government information and data, individuals, researchers, corporations and other organizations can make use of these important resources without additional red-tape or administrative processes.

Do I need to register to use the OpenMB Licence?

There is no need to register or apply to use the licence, and there are no charges involved in using information under the licence. Users only need to ensure their use of information and data complies with the licence terms.

How can I use the Open MB Licence?

If you comply with the terms of the licence, you have permission to use publicly available information for almost any purpose, anywhere in the world. The licence is also non-exclusive, which means you will not be the only person able to use it. The OpenMB Information Use Licence allows you to use information and data for both commercial and non-commercial purposes. This includes, but is not limited to, reproducing the information in print or online, leveraging the information and data to create a mobile application, or including the materials in publications, broadcasts or other works.

If you use information or data made available under the OpenMB Licence, you are required to include an attribution statement and, where possible, provide a link to this website for further information. The licence outlines the acknowledgement requirements and includes this example:

Contains information from the Manitoba government, licensed under the OpenMB Information and Data Use Licence (

Advertising, Publicity and Endorsement

The licence does not allow you to use any Manitoba government information or data to endorse a product, organization or service, or to imply that you have an exclusive distribution arrangement for any or all of the information or data.

More Information and Other Uses

For more information about the licence, to seek clarification on the use of the licence, or to seek permission to use materials not covered by this licence, contact:

Communications and Engagement Division
(King's Printer for Manitoba)
Tel: 204-945-3744

Toll Free in North America: 1-866-626-4862