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10 Ways to Get out and Get Active with Your Kids

Summer is a great time for kids to be active and on the go. Spending time outside playing games, exploring, tumbling, climbing or just running around is not only great fun but is also good for your kids. They will not only be more physically healthy but they will be happier, sleep better and feel better overall! Read more.

Babysitting Tips for Teens and Tweens

Can we guess what your first job was? Chances are, if it was not a paper route, lawn care or snow clearing – it was babysitting! Were we right? Well, now that you have a tween or a teen at home, there’s also a good chance that they will be babysitting soon, too. Babysitting is a big responsibility, and there are important things that you and your child need to consider before getting started. Here are some babysitting tips from ManitobaParentZone to help your child stay safe and have fun—and maybe even make a little money at the same time. Read more.

Sunshine – Approach with Caution

With the growing concern of a thinning ozone layer and UV-B’s association with a steady increase in skin cancer, parents and child care providers need to be cautious about exposing children – and themselves – to the sun. Because it takes several hours for a sunburn to show, do not use reddening of the skin as an indicator of too much time spent in the sun. Don’t let cloudy days fool you! UV rays do penetrate clouds. In addition, keep in mind that water and sand reflect the sun's rays and can therefore increase the danger of sunburn. Read more.

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