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Halloween Safety Tips

Halloween is fun for kids, but can be scary for parents – especially if their kids are going out on their own. Generally speaking, children should go trick–or–treating with adult supervision at least until age 12. After this, some children may be mature enough to go in small groups as long as all safety rules are covered such as planning the route ahead of time and letting you know, using a buddy system to ensure safety at all times, carrying a cell phone if possible, having a safety plan in case of an emergency (i.e. knowing who to call, where to go). It is best, however, for parents to determine for themselves when their child may be ready to go unattended. Read more.

Fire Escape Plan

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Snack tips

During your busy day it’s hard to develop a healthy snacking habit, but with our Quick Snack Tips you can easily and quickly create healthy snacks that everyone can enjoy. Read more.