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Physical Health

It is important to discuss physical health with your teen. As he matures, he will be more aware of his choices about what he eats and how he nourishes his body; how much physical activity he gets; and how much sleep he needs than he did just a few years ago. Some control over these activities is normal, especially as your teen gets older and spends more time away from home. So it is very important to talk to your teen about his choices and how they will affect his physical health.

You could look at the Canada Food Guide together and see how much and what kinds of food she should eat every day. Maybe you can plan a physical activity for the family every other day. Encourage her to get involved in sports or a physical activity to keep her body healthy. It's also a good idea to remind her that she still needs about nine hours of sleep per night – her body has a lot of growing and developing to do over the next few years and without the proper food, rest and exercise, she might not be her best.

If you haven't already, it's important to discuss the importance of safe sex and caring for his body. Try to have calm conversations during relaxed moments. If your teen is embarrassed to talk about safe sex, let him know that it's okay to feel embarrassed, but that you would like him to listen to what you have to say. Also let him know that he can talk to you whenever he feels comfortable. Just try not to be surprised or act negatively if he asks you an embarrassing question in the future!