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Learning & Growing

Teaching children about responsibility and helping around the home can begin at an early age through fun activities. Helping in her own way builds a child's confidence in herself and brings her a sense of pride and satisfaction. Children as young as 18 months can begin with learning simple activities that are appropriate for his age and ability level. Some toddlers, for example, may enjoy sorting laundry into piles, or placing plastic drinking glasses on the table at mealtimes. Be sure to give a little helper lots of encouragement and praise when he does a simple chore – even just putting a toy away or putting her socks in the dirty laundry basket.

As children get older and their abilities increase so too should the level of responsibility. Preschoolers could help with washing the vegetables, for example, or perhaps bringing in the mail. But whatever chores you teach your child, remember to give clear and simple instructions and don't assume your child knows how to perform the task, even if he has seen you perform it in the past. And most of all, keep it fun!