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Physical Development

Toddlers learn a lot about themselves and their world through movement. This is a busy time for many parents as they provide a safe and interesting space for toddlers to move through. Try to keep up and you'll have a great time with your child!

You may notice your toddler's body shape begins to change as he gets closer to two years old. His body will become thinner and longer. By the time your preschooler is five years old he will have similar proportions to an adult. His torso will have lengthened and his spine will straighten. But remember that children of the same age will always differ in their rate of physical growth. If you have any concerns about your child's physical development, contact your health care provider.

Toddlers and preschoolers will learn to run, jump, climb and kick in a few short years. Activities like kicking or throwing a ball should be practiced so your child can improve. Try hopping like a bunny or leaping like a frog and your preschooler will love to join in. While your child is hopping and leaping he will also be playing and learning.

Your child will also take great joy in stacking three building blocks, knocking them down and stacking them again. Your child should learn to use all of his muscles, both big and small. Scribbling with large crayons or sidewalk chalk, sorting and stacking objects, and squishing and shaping playdough gives your child the chance to be creative and develop his fine motor skills.